Quality of Audit Services Rendered to Entities Engaged in Foreign Economic Activities

  • О. Е. Lubenchenko National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: audit, quality of audit services, quality control, professional ethics, threats to independence, monitoring.


Ways to enhance the quality of audit in foreign economic activities are studied. It is stressed that foreign users of financing reporting tend to demand reliable and impartial data confirmed by an external auditor from domestic entities engaged in foreign economic activities. It is demonstrated that the quality of auditor services is assured at the level of a professional auditor and an audit firm, particularly through establishing quality control system based on the Code of Professional Ethics and the International Standards of Quality Control. A review of quality control components in the International Standard of Quality Control is made. It is demonstrated that the policy and the procedures for the assurance of independent internal control are based on ethical requirements to audit, which can be violated in the following circumstances: threat to own interest; threat of own assessment; threat to protection; threat to personal relations; threat of pressure.


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