Publication Ethics and Malpractice Statement

Open Access Policy

The science and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine” keeps to the open access standards, that is, free downloading, reading and printing of materials. The journal’s on-line version is freely available after the paper version is printed.

Publication Principles

The editorial policy of the journal “Statistics of Ukraine” is based on the following principles:

– collegial decision making on publication of articles;

– objectivity and impartiality in selecting articles for publication;

– obligatory peer professional review of articles;

– strict requirements to authors regarding the level of scientific research, preparation and presentation of its results;

– keeping to ethical norms in communications with authors, accessibility and timeliness.

Publication Ethics

The science and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine” which publisher is the National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit, publishes materials resulting from scientific research of theoretical and practical significance, prepared to a high professional standard.

The editorial policy of the science and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine” is based on the standards adopted by the national and global scientific community, in particular on recommendations of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) and the Ethical Code of Ukrainian Scientist.

  1. Ethical Commitment of the Editorial Board

1.1. The editorial board of the science and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine” is responsible for the journal.

1.2. All the members of the editorial board are article reviewers. Authoritative scientists and practical specialists in the article subject field are invited to review.

1.2. Articles submitted for publication are subject to thorough selection and peer review by members of the editorial board, and to the plagiarism test. The procedure of peer review is anonymous for a reviewer and an author. 

1.3. Only the scientific articles are allowed to review, which correspond to the journal’s profile and prepared in full conformity with the formatting requirements set for the materials submitted by authors for publication. All the articles and related materials are subject to primary control, to determine the conformity to the above requirements. When comments at the phase of primary control occur, an article and other materials will be returned to its author for correcting the found defects.  

1.4. The editorial board scrutinizes all the manuscripts submitted to publication in an impartial manner, to come to the appropriate decision on each article irrespective of race, religion, nationality, social status or job place of the author (authors). The editorial board makes fair and impartial decisions not influenced by commercial or other interests, providing the fair review process.

1.5. Authors, reviewers and editors must inform on their interests that may influence their objectivity in course of articles’ editing and reviews (the case of conflicting interests). These can be interests of intellectual, financial, personal, political etc. origin.  

1.6. Upon receiving a code article a member of the editorial board fills the standard form and selects one of the recommendation versions: (i) recommended for publication; (ii) recommended for correction; (iii) not recommended for publication.

1.7. In case of the negative decision (not recommended for publication or recommended for correction), a reviewer must provide a written substantiated explanation of the reasons for this decision.

1.8. The editorial board of the journal opposes falsifications, plagiarism, sending the same article to several journals, multiple copying of materials in various articles, unfair assessment of real contributions of the article’s authors.  

1.9. The final decision on the possibility to publish an article is taken at the session of the working group of the editorial board.

1.10. Further processing of an article accepted for publication is made by the staff of editorial and publishing department in keeping with the technological process involved in preparing the journal “Statistics of Ukraine” for printing.

1.11. The decision of the working group of the editorial board is informed to the article’s author (authors). If an article requires correction, the text of its review containing recommendations on corrections will be sent to the author (authors). The anonymity of reviewers is guaranteed by the journal’s editors.

1.12. The corrected version of an article is sent to the repeated review. In case of the repeated negative opinion of a reviewer, an article will be rejected, and will not be subject to further processing.  

1.13. The editors do not enter into discussions with authors of rejected articles.

  1. Ethical Commitment of Authors

2.1. The authors take full responsibility for the article’s content. They must present the research results in a clear and impartial manner, so that their conclusions can be confirmed by other researchers.

2.2. The authors must meet the requirements set by the editorial board of the science and information journal “Statistics of Ukraine”.

2.3. The authors must properly indicate the sources used in the articles, if the material is not the authors’ result. The sources used must be properly formatted according to the requirements SSTU 7.1:2006 “System of Standards on Information, Library Work and Publishing. Bibliographic Record. General Requirements and Rules of Compilation”, or SSTU 8302:2015 “Information and Documentation. Bibliographic Reference. General Requirements and Rules of Compilation”. The sources must also be given in English (References) according to the APA standard.

2.4. Plagiarism is not acceptable. Submission to publication of an earlier printed article is not allowed. If such facts are detected, an article will be removed from publication.  

2.5. The article’s coauthors must be all the persons who have made a considerable research contribution in an article and share the responsibilities for the produced results.

2.6. In case of comments coming from reviewers or members of the editorial board, the authors are obliged to correct the article according to their requirements.

  1. Ethical Commitment of Reviewers

3.1. A manuscript received for review is a confidential document and intellectual property of its author. A reviewer has no right to use or disclose unpublished information without permission from its author (authors).

3.2. A reviewer must give objective opinion of the manuscript’s quality, empirical and theoretical parts, interpretation and presentation, and to specify whether or not an article meets high scientific and literary standards.  

3.3. A reviewer must provide adequate explanation and convincing argumentation to support his/her opinion and comments. However, a reviewer must respect the scientific independence of an author (authors).

3.4. A reviewer must provide the review in a timely manner.

3.5. In case of a similarity between a reviewed manuscript and any other printed material, a reviewer must draw the editor’s attention on this.