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Author Guidelines


Requirements for Contents and Format of the Articles Printed in the Scientific and Information Journal “Statistics of Ukraine”


The specialized scientific and information journal accepts the articles for printing, not published earlier. An article must be devoted to important topics, and contain the elements of novelty and well grounded scientific conclusions in accordance with the article’s aim (objective). 

An article must be submitted in its original language (Ukrainian, English, French or Polish) in electronic version (by e-mail or external hard disk – USB flash disk or optical disk).

The manuscripts containing 20000–30000 signs, arranged in A-4 format, line spacing 1.5, all the margins 2 cm, paragraph indention 1.27 cm, font Times New Roman, font size 12 pt. are accepted. The text must be printed on computer in Word for Windows (*.dос, *.docx) without word wraps, on the entire width of the page. The symbols of hyphen (-) and dash (–) must be distinguished. Formulae, graphs and tables must be constructed in special software applications built in Word for Windows. Graphic images must be editable, scanned images are not allowed for use.             

An article must have the code of UDC and JEL Classification, identifiers Researcher ID and ORCID (top left, printed in bold). The information about author (authors) is placed under them: initials, surname (small letters, bold, italics), scientific degree and scientific title, position and plane of job (italics). The author’s e-mail is placed below. After that, the article’s title is placed, printed in small letters, centered, bold. The abstract is placed under the article’s title (1800 signs or more), key words (5 to 10 words, italics). The abstract must be: compact and informative (without general terms); structured (the abstract components are the importance, problem formulation, ways and results of problem solution, conclusions); substantive; concrete (with the highlighted author’s contribution to the problem solution). The abstract must not contain references and abbreviations.       




JEL Classification:

PP. Ivanov,

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor,

кандидат економічних наук, доцент,

Associate Professor of Statistics Department,

National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit,

E-mail: іvanov@nasoa.edu.ua

Researcher ID:


Constructing a Set of Indicators for the Finance Statistics

Abstract text.

Key words:


The article’s content must conform to the profile and thematic coverage of “Statistics of Ukraine” journal.

An article should have the following components:

  1. Introduction (or problem setting).

2.  Materials and methods.

3. Results and discussion.

4. Conclusions and recommendations.

5. References

Graphic images, i. e. pictures, illustrations, schemes, diagrams, and all their legend, must be clear and visible. The tables must be compact, with the headings strictly corresponding to the table contents, all the headings and table cells filled. The use of tables and graphs for illustrating the same theses are not allowed. Tables and pictures must be arranged following the State Standard of Ukraine 3008-2015 “Documentation. Reports in the Field of Science and Technology. Structure and Layout”.    

Only those formulae must be numbered (on the right, in round brackets) to which there is a reference in the text.


  • When an article is in Ukrainian, the list of references must be made following the State Standard of Ukraine 8302:2015 “Information and Documentation. Bibliographic reference. General provisions and layout”, with attaching its Latin transliteration (the recommended tool can be found at http://ukrlit.org/transliteratsiia).
  • When an article is in English, French or Polish, an internationally adopted style for the reference layout should be used, i. e. АРА style.

References to the sources used in an article, either textual or statistical, are obligatory.

A review must be attached to an article, signed by a doctor of sciences in the respective field.  

When a piece of adapted text is revealed in an article, not presented in the citation form and without references, the article will be qualified as one containing plagiarism, and will not be accepted for review.

Articles with the above mentioned requirements unmet are not allowed for printing.

Publication fee

Publication fee in the Scientific and Information Journal “Statistics of Ukraine”.

Dear authors, The publication fee shall be made after the paper review and approval for publication.

The price of one page of printed text (following “Requirements to contents and format of the articles published in the quarterly collection of scientific works “Scientific Bulletin of National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit”) is 60 UAH.


Privacy Statement

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