Statistical Analysis of Differentiation in Bank Lending in Ukraine

  • A. V. Nepran Kharkiv Institute of Trade and Economics of Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics
Keywords: credits, deposits, bank lending differentiation, regional asymmetries, regional development, the concentration o f credit resources, the redistribution of credit resources, the resource base of banks


The article contains a statistical analysis of the differentiation in bank lending in Ukraine. As-sessment of Regional Development and its intensity using a system of statistical indicators leads to the conclusion that the regional development bank lending could definitely be described as uneven: the constitutive feature of asymmetric development is the dynamics of spread in favor of regional indicators. The gap has been increasing too rapidly between lending to regional economic activities like trade and construction and to the others. The economic crisis has provoked large-scale credit redistribution effects between regions, resulting in the increased differentiation of bank lending. This is especially true for long-term bank lending (over 5 years), where the share of the three regions accounted for over 80% of the total lending. Asymmetric development leads to the increasing centrifugal trends, the increasing gap between regional indicators of bank lending, and the deepening regional differences. It is found that the cause for strengthening of regional asymmetry in bank lending is redistribution of financial resources through the bank system in favor of certain regions. Calculation of localization ratios for individual regions with high levels of bank lending leads to the conclusion that the credit growth in these regions is not accompanied by the increasing production effectiveness.

This means that the bank lending policy has created an obstacle to economic recovery in Ukraine. It is obvious that without taking measures to narrow regional differentiation in bank lending, individual territories are unlikely to be able to achieve significant economic growth in the near future. To narrow the regional differentiation, the National Bank of Ukraine needs to introduce restrictions on lending to selected types of economic activities that are engaged in financial intermediation in the city of Kyiv.


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