Use of Statistical Service to Introduce Service Oriented Architecture of Statistical Production

  • Т. I. Lumpova
  • О. E. Ostapchuk National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: Common Statistical Production Architecture, Statistical Production Process, Generic Statistical Business Process Model, Generic Statistical In formation Model, Service Oriented Architecture


Issues of implementation of Common Statistical Production Architecture (CSPA) for modernization of the production process in the Ukrainian official statistics bodies (OSB) in keeping with the European standards are analyzed. Emphasis is made on introduction of the process scheme in the production setting, with separating statistical services as a tool to enhance the economic effectiveness through collaborative development, exchange and re-use of methods and tools. The position of statistical service in the production process and the importance of its description when introducing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) in the Ukrainian OSB, which is the basis for CSPA from the IT perspective, are highlighted.

The conditions required to build CSPA for applications of Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) and Generic Statistical Information Model (GSIM) have already been set in the Ukrainian OSB. They include the tool for planning and preparation of the production process, which is technological plan (program) of official statistical observations (TP OSO), built on the GSBPM basis with specification of process components (PC) in the sequence “process - sub-process - procedure - operation”; the release version of the Classifier of Processes and Processes Elements of Statistical Production Processes (Classifier) and Reference Book of TP OSO Performed Procedures and Operations Results (Reference Book), developed for TP OSO for 2014-2015 with consideration to future modernization of the information system. Results of the analysis show that the Ukrainian OSBs have the capacities required to develop the conceptual description of statistical services using the available database; recommendations on its composition are given, capabilities for identification of the aggregated statistical service and the information flow in it are illustrated.


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