The Standard of Living Assessment in Ukrainian Regions: Methodological Aspects

Keywords: living standard, integral assessment, regional index, factors of living standard, material condition, living conditions, social environment.


A specific feature of Ukraine is a significant regional differentiation of the population by the standard of living. Integrated assessment of the standard of living in Ukrainian regions will enable to explore this standard by one indicator. This technique will allow not only to carry out a rating assessment of the regions on permanent basis but also to monitor dynamic change in the situation in each region, with determining the impact of individual factors on the resulting indicator.

The study’s database was official statistical information. The study’s methods were index analysis, statistical groupings and relative indicators.

On the basis of a review of methodological approaches to the standard of living assessment, the author proposes to use the regional index of living standard, with account to methodological recommendations for its calculation, related with the changed socio-economic situation in the country and the respective amendments in the statistical observation methodology.

The research methodology interprets the standard of living as a combination of three components: financial status, living conditions and the social environment performance. Each of these aspects is characterized by a set of factors which is very outdated in the current methodological guidelines and needs to be reviewed. Therefore, the author proposed and theoretically substantiated a set of factors that most adequately reflects the actual standard of living of the Ukrainian population.

The calculation of the regional standard of living covers four consecutive phases. A set of indicators of financial status, living conditions as a whole and by socio-demographic group is formed at the first phase, with making analysis of the social environment performance. Standardization of the selected indicators is made at the second phase. The third phase involves calculation of weights and integrated standard of living indicators for each constructed module. The regional index of standard of living is calculated at the fourth phase.

The calculated regional indexes should be used in developing regional programs to improve the standard of living and in the predictive estimates of the population’s life potential in the medium term.


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