Discipline “Information Management” in the System of Economic Education

  • V. V. Kozlov National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
  • T. V. Tomashevska National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
  • A. Yu. Pashkovska National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: information management, information technology, information systems, economic efficiency, method for static evaluation.


The level of development of the information system in organizations, the complexity management of information systems leads to the need for the introduction of specialized information management. Until now, specialists often use not only different terminology, but also interpret the tasks of information management and their methodology differently. All this determines the relevance of the task of establishing generalized terminology

As “information management” we will understand the whole complex of issues related to the management of information systems of various areas and levels.

The list of tasks of information management is: 1 ) formation of the technological environment of information system; 2) development and maintenance of information system; 3) planning in the environment of information system; 4) formation of organizational structure of information system; 5) use and operation of information System; 6) formation of innovation policy; 7) human resources management in the field of information system; 8) management of finance in the field of information system.

One of the problems of information management is the problem of economic efficiency and finance information system. The simplest method in this case is the use of a static evaluation of the economic efficiency of information systems. In this case, it is considered the economy of working time, the wage fund, the reduction of total production costs associated with the reduction of errors in the processing of information. The economic effect of information system implementation is estimated over a short period of time (often a year). Let’s determine the main drawbacks of the static method:

  • the assessment of the economic effect is most often carried out indirectly, by comparison with the indicators of the implementation of similar information system;
  • the system stoppages and the “price” of these stoppsages are not taken into account;
  • the time of Information System creation and implementation are not taken into account in any way;
  • cash flows are not brought to a comparable level;
  • no risks, directly or indirectly, are taken into account.

Taking into account the above, it is necessary to switch to more sophisticated methods for assessing information projects that require relevant specialists in the field of information management. Information management becomes the basic technology of organization control activity in all spheres of functioning of the information society In the light of the above, in the system of modern higher education, attention should be paid to acquiring knowledge and skills of students in ensuring the management of IP and resources.

Thus, the teaching of the discipline “Information management” is important in the process of formation of the education system, since the content of this discipline reflects the trends in the management system of organizations, production and should cover the problems of information provision in various fields of human activity


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