Statistical Assessment of the Banks’ Competitiveness at the Financial Market: Theoretical and Methodological Aspect

  • Ya. V. Kolesnik National Bank of Ukraine
Keywords: statistical assessment, bank’s competitiveness, indicators of bank’s competitiveness, economic parameters, theory of effective competition.


The article is devoted to the vital problem of substantiating theoretical and methodological aspects of statistical assessment of the banks’ competitiveness at the financial market. The growing market competition makes the bankers chose competition methods by relating their business success to the business performance of their competitors, investors, corporate and private clients. The bank product competitiveness is assessed by comparing the economic parameters of an analyzed service with the benchmarking parameters, by group of parameters. A method based on the theory of effective competition is proposed for use as an option of the assessment of the competitiveness of a commercial bank. It enables for applying a universal method that allows for computing the integral coefficient of the competitiveness of a commercial bank by estimating the most important criteria of its operation.

The assessment of the bank competitiveness has to include an analysis of the internal environment, covering quantitative and qualitative characteristics of its operation, and an analysis of external environment. The assessment involves differential and complex methods of assessment. The assessment of the internal environment includes a quantitative analysis of its financial position and a qualitative analysis of its image and competitiveness of its services. The method enables to produce the integral coefficient of competitiveness; it is based on the assessment of the internal and external environment of the banks that are main competitors, by computing a number of criteria. An analysis of the financial position of a bank is the central one, as it aims to produce a quantitative measure of the capacities promoting the development of a bank in future. The main advantage of the proposed method for the assessment of the competitiveness of a commercial bank is its feasibility, because it is based on data from published reports and results of market analyses. The comparative assessment of the operation of banks that are main competitors allows for quick and robust computation of each bank’s position at the financial market, whereas the results of the analysis give good idea of their business conditions and allow for the dynamic assessment of the effectiveness of the national bank system.


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