Peculiarities of State Regulation for the Development of Local Self-Governance

  • T. H. Bondaruk National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: state regulation, local self-governance, regulatory policy, territorial community, decentralization of power, administrative reform.


Theoretical and methodological framework for regulation of the development of local self-governance is extended, with outlining the ways to strengthen its contribution as a factor promoting social and economic development of a country. It is demonstrated that the regulatory framework at local level covers all the governance areas, including regulation of local self-governance. The essential meaning of the regulatory policy at local level is defined as an area of State policy, focused on regulation of legal relations between regulatory bodies, between the entities charged with regulatory functions and the entities that are subject to regulation; it includes regulation of local self-governance, territorial communities and business entities for rational use of local resources and essential growth in the living standards of the population.

The central reasons behind the administrative reform in Ukraine are outlined: ineffective organization of the executive power at district and oblast level, with the highly centralized power (instead of decentralization); inadequate administrative and territorial division, characterized by large numbers of small localities; ineffective local self-governance, characterized by financial incapacity of the primary (basic) segment in the local self-governance.

Directions of the administrative reform in Ukraine are outlined: building up the new legal framework for the public governance in Ukraine; building up new institutes, organizations and instruments for the governance and the administrative and territorial division; staffing of the new governance system; laying and strengthening the new financial and economic foundations for operation of the governance system; scientific and information support to the governance system; building up the mechanisms for scientific and information monitoring of the governance system performance. Ways to implement the reform of the administrative and territorial system in Ukraine are proposed.


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