Budget Interests in the System of Economic Security of the State

  • O. S. Bondaruk National Academy of Statistics, Accounting and Audit
Keywords: economic security, budget interests, budget risks, budget system, economic mechanism, institutional mechanism


The necessity of intensification of research studies in the sphere of economic security of the state appears in Ukraine under the condition of the development of market relations. In this case, instruments of the improvement of the level of economic security in the budget sphere become very significant.

The purpose of the article is to determine, concretize, and interpret budget interests and risks in the system of ensuring economic security of the state.

Results of the article are analyzed theoretical basis of economic security in the correlation with budget interests. It examines theoretical aspects of key elements of economic security in the budget sphere - budget interests and budgets risks. It proves that categories ‘budget interests’ and ‘budget risks’ take up key positions in the theory of economic security. As they play a leading role in the process of the strategy choice of its ensuring.

It determines the category ‘budget interests’ as the combination of budget needs of carriers of interests. This fact is a driving force of budget activities entities, directed to getting definite benefits through the budget for providing the operation and possibility of the successful development of the society, state, juridical and natural persons. It determines a budget need as the necessity in cost budget for the improvement and support of a definite level of an individual vital activity, social group, society, as well as the usual functioning of the state and juridical persons.


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