National Assessment of Progress in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals in Agriculture

Keywords: sustainable development, agriculture, Sustainable development goals, monitoring, indicators, evaluation


The methodological and methodical foundations of enhancement of statistical assessment on the progress in achieving sustainable agricultural development and its environmental consequences requires an integrated statistical approach. Thanks to statistical analysis and evaluation it is possible to obtain a complete picture of the functioning of such a complex and dynamic system, develop means of influencing the totality of agricultural relations in order to reduce harmful effects on the environment and eliminate the negative environmental consequences of agricultural activities.

The article assesses the progress in achieving the targets for the sustainable development of agriculture in Ukraine with the help of indicators that ensure the filfillment of the objectives set. The quality of the available information support of monitoring is analyzed. In accordance with the given national targets by 2030, the actual reach of individual indicators that guarantee the implementation of the outlined objectives and targets for sustainable agricultural production was assessed.. It is noted that the main national indicators used to determine the implementation of the task are the indicators of the availability of a balanced diet at the level of reasonable standards for certain segments of the population.

It is stated that the Global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) form a wide range of economic, social and environmental challenges. Although global SDGs are not legally binding, countries take them into account and develop national measures to achieve them. It is noted that not all global indicators of SDG were relevant for Ukraine as for a number of indicators there are gaps in data sources, their metadata and information support for their monitoring. It is stated that during the process of introduction of national indicators the priority was given to the data that are produced on an ongoing basis within the framework of official statistics using approved methodologies and classifiers. In order to identify potential sources of the data to better reflect the sustainable development of agriculture, a comparative evaluation of global and national indicators, the achievement of which will ensure the implementation of the SDG was conducted.


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